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Home / DIY Ideas / Faux Roman Shade For The Kitchen

Faux Roman Shade For The Kitchen


Are you guys ready for one of the easiest DIY projects you’re ever gonna see here on the blog? I hope so, because this project is s-i-m-p-l-e….but it makes a big impact! #myfavoritekind


We haven’t really touched our kitchen since we installed the subway tile backsplash, and replaced the kitchen pendants. I’m still on the hunt for some new stools, and don’t even get me started about our lack of a dining room table. Baby steps….baby steps.

But I did finish one task on my kitchen to-do list. I added a window treatment to the bare kitchen window.faux-roman-shade-kitchenOur window is naked no more! I created this no-sew/faux/roman shade/super simple window treatment in less than an hour and with minimal supplies. After originally seeing this tutorial over on Bower Power Blog, I figured I would give it a try. I’m soooo happy I did, as this little window was begging for a little somethin’ somethin’.

Here’s How I Created It.striped-faux-roman-shades-windowSUPPLIES:

  • Fabric of your choice (I ordered twice the length of my window, and now have a lot of extra fabric!)
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Hemming Tape
  • 3 tension rods (I got these ones from Target for super cheap)
  • Tape Measure


I decided to go with a navy stripe for the shade because I figured it was a classic look and would pair well with the white subway tile backsplash. The stripe actually came in handy when cutting and hemming my fabric…as I had ready-made lines that I could easily line up on each side.


striped-fabric-measuring-tape1) I measured the width of my window, added on 2 inches, and then measured and marked my fabric. I left an inch on each side that I could later hem for a more finished look.striped-fabric-cutting2) Next? Cutting time! This lefty hates cutting, but again those pre-made stripes made it a bit easier! I cut both the width and the length to size.


3) With my fabric cut, it was time to hem. Since I’m not a very good seamstress, I absolutely love to use hemming tape (as evidenced by my DIY blackout curtains). I just used my iron, a towel underneath, and went around all of the edges (sides, top, bottom).


4) Finally, it was time to get my new fabric shade hung! This is where the tension rods came in handy. I put one at the top, and then 2 below it. Then I folded the entire piece of fabric in half and laid it over the bar at the top of the window. Wanting to create the look of a roman shade, I simple folded the rest over the other 2 bars so they were hidden.faux-roman-shades-window-treatmentAnd that’s it! I told you it was obviously these are faux shades…so I won’t be putting them up and down. That’s fine by me, because we don’t need privacy in the kitchen and that window looks out to our neighbor’s brick wall.window-fabric-shadeThey’re merely decorative and make the window look that much more finished. Finn was a bit confused when I told him how they just hang out at the top of the window, but he now gets that they’re like an “accessory” for our windows. #poorguykitchen-wide-shot-window-treatment-roman-shadeOur kitchen seems a bit more complete with the TLC the window received. But we still have more items on our to-do list…


  • Stain Floors
  • Paint Walls
  • Upgrade Kitchen Faucet
  • Install Backsplash
  • Hang new Kitchen Pendants
  • Add Window Treatment
  • Add Kitchen Rug
  • Find lighter kitchen stools (the brown leather get lost in all of the dark wood…)
  • Buy a dining room table & chairs
  • Buy a new rug for underneath dining room table
  • Dream To-Do: Swap out countertops for something lighter (someday…..)diy plaSource

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